Who is John Dodelande?

By turns seasoned businessman and passionate about contemporary Chinese art, John Dodelande successfully carries out his various projects. He is a man of passion, which has always led him to exceed his limits and dare. Back on the hectic journey of this man open to the world!

John Dodelande’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Mr John Dodelande quickly turned to the business world. At only 20 years old, he had already created his first companies in fashion and textiles, certainly inspired by his mother who was herself an entrepreneurial figure. Later, he diversified his activities from food processing to real estate, among others.
His life path then led him to discover Georgia. John Dodelande then fell in love with this region of the Caucasus, to the point of settling there permanently. It should be noted that this country, which is still relatively unknown, abounds in wealth and opportunities. In fact, Georgia was ranked 7th in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking. A windfall for this accomplished businessman!

The Fujin real estate company behind the Ibis Tbilisi International project

Inspired by this multifaceted country, a true lever of opportunities, John Dodelande has strongly contributed to the real estate development of Georgia through numerous projects. He is thus at the origin of an ambitious project aimed at redefining the entire Tbilisi airport area in order to cope with the expected increase in passenger volumes.
John Dodelande’s real estate development company, Fujin, is thus at the head of a huge 39,000 m² complex which should be completed by 2022. The site, named Ibis Tbilisi International, will house a 120-room hotel, as well as a business center, restaurants, car rental facilities, a gas station, a convenience store, etc. It should be noted that the hotel will be the only international branded establishment at the airport.
Dodelande wishes through this pharaonic project to create a travel center strategically located on the Silk Road. To do so, the real estate company has joined forces with CBA (a French architecture firm), ART Studio (a Georgian architecture studio), and CMS (a leading Georgian construction company).

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